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Norco John Henry is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the Brio Cycling Club based here in North Vancouver. Brio Cycling club aims to be an introductory and fun based road riding club for kids and the youth on the North Shore. We provided bikes and will be providing repair services to the club throughout the year in an effort to keep these kids out on the road putting in KOM’s.


We were very pleased to provide Norco Valences and Search to the club for their riders and strongly support the development of kids and youth cycling programs here on the shore. We strongly believe in getting kids out on bikes early as Norco provides a huge range of kids bikes for all types of riding including our new 24” wheeled Valence.

Norco Valences  

Perfect for any aspiring road racer looking to get a jump on the competition. On the 27th of March, we hosted Brio Cycling club here at the shop to provide some bike mechanic skills training to the kids, it covered a basic pre-ride safety check, basic maintenance and flat tire repair and tube replacement, hosted by Store Manager, Tristan O’ Callaghan.

Norco Demo Night

Everybody had a fun time, even the parents may have learned a thing or two.

Brio Cycling Club Brio Cycling Club

Keep an eye out for these kids climbing Cypress, Seymour or flying past you in Stanley Park! If you are looking for more information with regard to Brio Cycling Club, call in store or go to their website

2017 Norco Carbon Range and Carbon Sight Launch Party

On March 2nd, 2017 we hosted an after-hours launch party in conjunction with Norco for the release of the new 2017 Norco Carbon Sight and Carbon Range that was open to ambassadors and public. Throughout the evening all of the staff had a chance to meet and speak to customers and discuss the new platforms.

Norco Demo Night

Norco’s Pat Mulrooney gave a very detailed demonstration of the new platforms and the staff shared our experiences on the new bikes. We talked about everything from cosmetics and specs to climbing and descending.

Norco Demo Night

It was great getting to hear feedback from our customers and getting to know them better

For those lucky enough to attend, there was a new purchase incentive that was given out towards a new Carbon Sight or Range as well as a draw for a Norco Rio Vista cruiser!

Norco Demo Night

We had the 2017 Norco Carbon Range in 29” and 27.5” wheel and the Carbon Sight in 27.5” and 29” wheel.

The Sight is available in both 27.5” wheel with a travel of 140mm in the rear/ 150mm up front and 29” wheel with 130mm in the rear and 140mm up front.

The Range is also available in both size wheels with 27.5” wheel being 160mm in the rear/ 170mm up front and 29” wheel being 150mm in the rear/ 160mm up front.

Norco Demo Night

Everyone had a good time and enjoyed some snacks, beverages and good conversation. High fives all around.

Congratulations to Sara Devries on winning the raffle for a brand new Norco Rio Vista!

Norco Cruiser

We’d like to thank Norco for working with us to provide a good experience for our customers, Red Racer for the beverages provided and finally everyone else who did take the time to come down and hang out and talk bikes.

Call in store today at Norco John Henry and check out the all-new 2017 Norco Carbon Range and Sight.

Norco John Henry is proud to announce that we have added Fabric Designs to our growing list of quality brands available at our store



Group Rides

Norco John Henry Group rides are open to anyone who just wants to ride their bikes. They are a fun and informal way of getting to meet new people, riding new trails, getting some hints and tips from more advanced riders and getting to know some of the great staff here at Norco John Henry.

We have Mountain Bike Group Rides every Wednesday and Road Group Rides every Saturday. Go visit our 'Shop Rides' page of our website for full details and the meeting times for the next group rides.

Group Ride Schedule