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Bike Rentals

Rental and Demo Bikes

Norco North Shore located in North Vancouver, BC, offers bike rentals of our Norco VLT E-Bikes including the Fluid VLT, Sight VLT and Range VLT.  Our rental fleet offers opportunities for customers looking to demo the latest Norco electric mountain bikes or for those who just want to go rip the locals and have fun.

What to Bring

All rental bikes come fitted with flat pedals, a 900-watt battery and a charger. If you wish to bring your own pedals, we will install them on your rental bike for you.

You must wear a helmet while riding a rental bike. Other protection required are gloves, protective eyewear, knee/shin, and elbow pads, all of which are available to purchase from our store.

Depending on how long you intend to ride, it is always advisable to come prepared with food and water! All rental/demo bikes come with bottle cages.

You will need your photo ID and credit card to rent one of our Norco VLT E-Bikes. You will be required to sign a liability waiver, be approved for a credit card pre-authorization, or provide a deposit.

If you are transporting the bike with a vehicle and a rack, please ensure the rack is e-bike rated to avoid damage to the bike during transport.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign the liability waiver.

Rental rates are $130 for 24hrs

Bikes can be reserved online, by phone or in-person at our store.

Rental Returns

Rental bikes must be returned to Norco North Shore within 24hrs of rental time.

The bike should be returned to us in the condition it was rented to you in, however, we know that accidents can happen. Your damage deposit covers basic wear and tear that may occur on a typical ride.

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